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Anne Huber

waste bins individual

with blue top, Photograph

with banana peel, Photograph

with plastic cup, Photograph

with plastic bag, Photograph

with footprint, Photograph

with ribbon, Photograph

Incline, Photograph

Facets, Photograph

Togetherness, Photograph

Reflex, Photograph

Intertwined, Photograph

Allurement, Photograph

blot figures

blot figures I, reed pen

rotating blot figures, reed pen

blot figures II, reed pen

blot figures in the rain, reed pen

sitting blot figure, reed pen

blot figures, uncombed, reed pen

England, about 1975

The Gipsy Moth, Photograph

are the greatest, Photograph

Series »two-sided«

Woodcuts for which were used both sides of the plate

Interface, Woodcut

Cutting Lines, Woodcut

untitled, Woodcut

Lenz, Color woodcut

Book Burning, Material from hot type and texture of wood

Cat's Leap, Color woodcut